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How do I become a good social media ambassador for a company?

Since the recent explosion of social media in the last decade companies are constantly finding new ways to use this to their advantage. Being an ambassador is all about influence. The reason brands want ambassadors is so that you (as the brand ambassador) post photos with or about their products. Refer the item or service to friends. You are their marketing tool. Now, this isn’t always a bad thing. A lot of the time company’s offer a kickback for being an ambassador whether that be discount codes for you and friends/ followers or commission-based pay on sales that come through you directly. Being a good social media ambassador starts with a simple question. Do people value my opinion? Now, why would this matter?

Your value as a brand ambassador is in the fact that people like you. People like your style, your image, your posts whatever it is. You have influence, USE IT! Ask the company for photos. Or better yet, take some of your own. ONLY post high-quality content and pay attention to when your posts get the most views, what hours on Saturday are your users most active. Use the analytics tools that you are given! Determine what kind of posts get the most views, and most importantly. STAY ACTIVE! Social media is all about one thing, Socializing. Comment, like, browse through some hashtags you like or go like and comment on some photos. Don’t be afraid to post comments. Commenting on a photo almost immediately get you recognized as your speaking directly to the person. It’s not just another “so and so liked your photo” it forces them to look at your name. Maybe browse your profile or who knows, they may even strike up a conversation with you. Being an ambassador is a job so to speak. You are given pay, free apparel, discounts and in return you bring revenue sales and exposure to the company. Mutualistic relationship between the company and the individual where everyone is satisfied with the results.

Can you make a living as an ambassador?

Truth is it depends on how popular you are. Large youtubers and celebrities sure do, regardless of looks and stature. Anyone can be a brand ambassador and make a few bucks or get some free merch with the right amount of work. Already a social media ambassador but want tips on how to grow your page more? Here are some tips

  1. POST DAILY (this is huge, Content, content, content, get it out be heard. Post photos, videos, stay active on your story. People go to social media to see things that interest them. Marketing as an ambassador can be done so indirectly but still provide gain for you and the company you are partnered with.)
  2. HIGH QUALITY CONTENT (keep your pictures pretty. If you’re a brand ambassador and want to do this professionally. Get a great camera for your photos, get some lighting set ups to really amplify your content. With the quality of iPhones today anyone can get some awesome looking photos with a little practice.)
  3. INTERACT (DM, comment, like, collaborate, whatever it is. Connect, talk to people! Its social media, that’s what it’s for at the end of the day. Connecting people who already know each other and creating new connections, don’t be afraid to make the first impression.)
  4. NO EXCUSES (nothing worth having comes easy, keep at it, keep posting, keep interacting and in due time, your account will grow.)

Needless to say, providing quality posts, keeping up with commenting and likes can be exhausting and that’s why we exist. If you want to grow your social profile naturally and quickly, with real follows real interactions and real feedback. Email, DM or message us on socials. We would be happy to help grow and boost your social profile and help you become a better more effective influencer on Instagram!

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